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This ride operates a shit load of gravel policy.

Story by Sunday Echappée March 22nd, 2016
Epic Echappee_2016_Map.jpg

From the same people who bought you the Epic Echappée comes the Epic Echappée 2016!

In the great British tradition of the early season reliability trial, inspired by the iconic CiCLE Classic and Dengie Tour of the Marshes and in honour of the spring classics, Sunday Echappée presents ‘The Epic Echappée’ a Saturday trip to hell and back.

This ride operates a shit load of gravel policy.

A road ride with a difference, this is not a sportive or a race, rather a hark back to the reliability trial; a mixed terrain parcours that will surprise and challenge riders, a real test of your early season resolve. Since last year we have improved the parcours, upping the ante to 176km and round 2750m of climbing, no one said this was supposed to be easy!

This year we are inviting people to enter a team. When completing the entry first create and name your team or find it in the list if one of your team mates has already entered, then complete the registration. 3-6 team members are recommended (max of 8). You will be asked to register a team and then invite your team members!

To sign up click HERE

Please note… This is a reliability trial, not a road race or a sportive. It should be done on a road bike although we recommend 25s and a couple of spare tubes. This ride is unsupported and you are responsible for yourself and your equipment. There will not be signposts or a friendly marshall on every corner, there will not be a broom wagon and it will be hard!

You join us at your own risk and you are expected to ride in a safe, considerate manner, both to other road users and other riders.